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Halsey Rodman
Cave System or Ear Canal
Nov 10 - Dec 22, 2013

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Halsey Rodman in The New York Times, November 2013

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Halsey Rodman, Cave System or Ear Canal
November 10–December 22, 2013 
Opening Reception: Sunday, November 10 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Ear Canal / Matisse's Metronome / Interior, Exterior, and The Fold / Oscillation / Triplets / The Secret Life of Plants / Graphite / Plant as Monument / Duration, Rhythm, Speed / Light, Time, Temperature / Cucoloris / Axial Rotation / Incremental Difference, Minimal Difference / Denaturalization / Chromatic Presence / Aura Management / Pink Panther Opening Credits / The Chiasm / Body Gesture, Body Image, Ghost Body / Cave System

One of the concerns of this show is the difficulty of defining entities: If every entity is in a state of continuous change, how can an entity ever, like the meaning of a phrase, arrive in a state of completeness? How can we recognize when the true flower arrives if it is always somewhere between seed and dust?* Or, how can I speak fully as myself when I am always changing?

*Example from Norman Bryson, on the philosopher Keiji Nishitani


Rodman is a visual artist who lives and works in New York City. His work proposes a consensual and liberating encounter with objects by rendering apparent the radical instability of their forms. He often integrates gestural painting, diagrammatic drawing, and intense color with sculptural and architectural constructions, and has collaborated with others to realize event-based, group-constructed, figurative sculptures. Rodman draws inspiration from wide-ranging sources, from the Pink Panther to Lacan to Virginia Woolf. He received his BA in sculpture from The College of Creative Studies at UCSB and his MFA from Columbia University, and has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally at venues including Guild & Greyshkul in NYC, The Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art, and, in collaboration with the SFBC, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE). Recent shows include a solo presentation in "Evidence of Bricks" at the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art and group exhibitions at Laurel Gitlen and Sue Scott Gallery in NYC. Forthcoming projects include a commission from Art In General, occurring in two phases: The first opens in January 2014 at High Desert Test Sites, in Joshua Tree, California; the second in June 2014 at Art in General, concurrent with a solo exhibition at Kansas Gallery in NYC.