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Chris Reppucci,
28 Shapes of The World.

December 1, 2019 - January 12, 2020


CHRIS REPPUCCI, 28 Shapes of the World

Soloway presents 28 Shapes of The World, an exhibition by Chris Reppucci. The exhibition presents drawings from Reppucci’s magical practice and study into the lost and ancient astrological system of the 28 Lunar Mansions. Reppucci writes:

I am no longer sure where process ends and results begin and am unsure what desired results even are. What are we after? Comfortable and functional existences? For me there is always somewhat of an eschatological agenda; how do we figure out how to function in the post mortem state and what might our goals then be? I am not geared toward spiritual Darwinism, I am doubtful that we have evolved as a species since antiquity. I’m trying to explain that what I might create as objects are like ladder rungs set out into the void, where we might egress and where spirits we call can ingress, into this sphere beneath the orbit of the Moon.


Chris Reppucci is a professional astrologer, magician, musician, and artist living in rural Maine where they can stay close to stars, fire, forest and dogs. Their artistic and magical practice is entirely spirit based and centers around divinatory, oracular and dream experience in exchange with various Others. Their approach to astrology attempts to not forget the tactile experience of a body rooted into a landscape and the physical directionality which embodies the zodiac. They have toured widely as a musician, made art primarily in obscurity and consult with clients regularly.