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Several Years Have Passed 
Curated by Jenny Nichols 
Patricia Iglesias, Lee Maida, Mónica Palma, Annette Wehrhahn, Abbey Williams
March 25–April 29, 2018

Opening Reception Sunday March 25th, 6:00–8:00 p.m.
Mónica Palma will perform at the opening reception at 7:00

Soloway is pleased to present an exhibition of works selected by Jenny Nichols titled Several Years Have Passed with work by Patricia Iglesias, Lee Maida, Mónica Palma, Annette Wehrhahn, and Abbey Williams.

Is there not, perhaps, some value to tending to the work of life with both hands. To caring for children and mourning and taking care of a house and family and the sick and dying. To turning to our lives and families and people with our whole selves and not reserving something in us, to stand apart, unravaged and still capable of producing culture. Is there not some value, some artistic value even. Is there nothing for which the cessation of production is justified. Is there not some part, integral to the making of our essential work, that we allow to remain intact by letting all of our labor serve love, serve life, serve living things and their needs in life and death, by letting ourselves be subsumed by grief. Even for years. Could there not be work that can be made in no other way, from no other place than on the other side of those years.

The exhibition takes its title from a scene in the film Children of Paradise, which was made during the German occupation of France, and released after the liberation. During the shooting of the film the composer and the set designer, both Jewish, remained in hiding. Many working on the film were in the resistance and some escaped when the gestapo came to arrest them, and some did not. After the liberation, one of the actors was sentenced to death for collaborating with the Nazis and his part was reshot with a replacement. The lead actress carried on an affair with a German officer for which she was later tried and convicted. When filming banquet scenes, the food was poisoned, because the starving extras kept eating it before they could photograph it. The movie is three hours and ten minutes long. It is divided into two parts, and after the first half, a title card appears, which reads: Several Years Have Passed.


Patricia Iglesias was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After apprenticeships with Pablo Edelstein and Philip Pavia, in Argentina and Italy respectively, Iglesias moved to the United States to study first at the Savannah College of Art and Design and subsequently at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Iglesias has participated several group and solo shows, both in the United States and Argentina. Currently she lives and works in New York City.

Lee Maida is currently on sabbatical. 

Mónica Palma was born in Mexico City and lives and works in Brooklyn. She studied visual art at the Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa, Veracruz, and received her MFA in Painting and Printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her work has been shown at TSA (New York), 245 Varet Street (New York), Five Myles (New York) and Ortega y Gasset Projects (New York)

Annette Wehrhahn lives in Brooklyn, New York. She received a BFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in Painting from Bard College. She is a founding member of Soloway Gallery and has been a director there since 2010. Recent exhibitions include: Safe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Bernard Ceysson Luxembough, Redemptions, Andel 31/Share 31, Copenhagen, Denmark, Collective Show Mexico City, Mexico and Lyles and King, New York.

Abbey Williams'
work has been widely exhibited at TATE Britain, London; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid; The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; The Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv; The Studio Museum in Harlem and was a part of the 2005 Greater New York exhibition at PS1/MoMA. She has had solo exhibitions in Minneapolis at Franklin Art Works and in New York at The Barbara Walters Gallery at Sarah Lawrence College, Bellwether Gallery and Foxy Production. She lives and works in Brooklyn, with her sculptor husband, goofball son and elderly dog.

Jenny Nichols
met the artist Patricia Iglesias at a party. She met the artist Abbey Williams at an opening the next night, where she also talked to the artist Monica Palma, in part, about the artist Lee Maida. She told the artist Annette Wehrhahn all of this. The work and insights of these five artists are a kind of solution for Jenny Nichols, a way forward.