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Bring It!

March 18, 2017











Bring It!

Reception Saturday March 18, 6:00 - 8:00
Music Performance by Fitness at 7:00

Soloway is pleased to present the work of artists responding to the unjust measures carried out and proposed by the current government. A fountain, protest signs, tiny protest signs, clothing, sculpture, paintings, drawings, poetry, music and video are offered here in protest.

Join us to conspire and appreciate the resistance of: Karen Azoulay, Nickolas Buffon, Saul Chernick, Allegra Crowther, Emily Gibson, John Jackson, Brandon Koch, Elka Krajewska, Fawn Krieger, Abby Manock, James Miller, Halsey Rodman, Rorey Rosenberg, Marlon Sporer, Abby Walton, Etienne Warneck, Emily Weiner, Rola Zyada.

The Brooklyn based band Fitness, comprised of Rola Zyada and Denis Oleary will present dark-rock-jazz-trip-hop from their upcoming LP.