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For immediate release:

Drawing Club
November 6th - 20th, 2011
Opening reception: Sunday November 6th, 6-8pm
Closing event: Sunday, November 20th, 4pm

SOLOWAY is pleased to present Drawing Club, organized by Pam Lins, Ohad Meromi and Halsey Rodman

Drawing Club is a semi-regular event organized with the intention of producing multi-authored two-dimensional drawing objects. Since its inception at the beginning of 2006, Drawing Club has occurred in a variety of configurations and locales. Though the drawing sessions have always been focused on the production of shared drawings in all their formal glory, a parallax view reveals that Drawing Club has produced "material" rather than finished drawings -- a particular, collectively-enacted, unique, tactile/haptic material infused with the exact texture and marks of the social body that produced them.

near complete list of participants (2006-present):

Tomer Aluf
Ricci Albenda
Trisha Baga
Sari Carel
Pilar Conde
Anna Craycroft
Lucky DeBellevue
Clifford Borress
Trenton Duerksen
Jacob Dyrenforth
Elise Ferguson
Daniele Frazier
Naomi Fry
Munro Galloway
Christy Gast
Dmitri Hertz
Ian Holman
Alisha Kerlin
Youna Kwak
Fabienne Lasserre
Pam Lins
Michael Mahalchick
Ohad Meromi
Sophy Naess
Pat Palermo
George Raggett
Chris Rice
Halsey Rodman
Amy Sillman
Annette Wehrhahn